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Associated Laboratories : Université Libre de Bruxelles


• Unit of Theoretical Chronobiology (UTC)
• Unit of Theoretical and Computational Biology (UTCB)
In the Units of Theoretical Chronobiology (UTC) and of Theoretical and Computational Biology (UTCB), we model cellular systems in which molecular interactions and feedbacks lead to peculiar dynamical and functional properties. In the UTC, we focus on the molecular mechanisms responsible for oscillatory phenomena. These biological rhythms generally involve various complex feedbacks and threshold phenomena, which defy an intuitive approach. We use computational models, closely based on experimental data. Our main topics are circadian rhythms, calcium oscillations and waves and cell cycle analysis. In the UTCB, we focus on the dynamical properties arising from the network properties. Most biological regulatory systems indeed involve complex networks of interactions. We wish to understand how regulatory mechanisms at various scales (e.g. molecular, cellular and intercellular) act synergistically or competitively to achieve degrees of regulation not attainable by one mechanism alone. These issues are examined in terms of systems of differential equations, automata networks and probabilistic models.
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Contacts : Albert Goldbeter - Marcelle Kaufman