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Associated laboratories : Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich : ETH


• RNA Biology, group of Prof. Olivier Voinnet
Conserved in most eukaryotes, RNA silencing is a mechanism operated by small RNA molecules (small RNAs or sRNAs) that inhibits, in a sequence-specific way, gene expression at both transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels. RNA silencing is involved in processes such as developmental regulation, genome integrity maintenance and antiviral defense. The objective of the "RNA Biology" laboratory is to characterize in detail the molecular mechanisms of RNA silencing in its various biological roles, both in plants and mammals, through a combination of genetic, biochemical, cell biology and high-throughput sequencing. The pioneering work of Prof. Voinnet in deciphering RNA silencing pathways establishes him as a world-recognized expert in the field (e.g. EMBO Gold medal). The laboratory, started in 2002 in Strasbourg, is installed since 2010 at the ETH Zürich, one of the world’s best universities. Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland, and is widely recognized for its quality of life, its cultural vitality and its nightlife. Within the laboratory, consisting of a vibrant scientific community from over 10 nationalities, the working language is English.
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