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Associated laboratories : Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC)


• Team of heterochromatin dynamics
3D genome organization is essential for transcriptional regulation. Chromosome Conformation Capture and more comprehensive approaches have identified many types of 3D organization at different genomic levels. Intriguingly, particularly the inactive heterochromatin domains within mammalian genomes display the most diversity in their 3D organization. Currently though, the function of these different types of organizations, and how they are linked, remains poorly understood.

The team of heterochromatin dynamics studies the 3D organization of heterochromatin domains in mouse cells, by addressing three questions :
(1) What is the dynamics of the different types of 3D heterochromatin organization during the mouse life cycle ?
(2) How do the different types of 3D heterochromatin organization play a role in transcriptional repression ?
(3) How does cell-to-cell variation in 3D heterochromatin organization influence transcriptional outcome ?
To answer these questions, we combine genome-wide descriptive studies (HiC, ChIP-seq, 4C-seq, RNA-seq) with both functional and targeted approaches (gene-targeting, fluorescent microscopy, qPCR).

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Contact : Daan NOORDERMEER