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Associated laboratories : UMR-S958 “Genetics of diabetes”


• Team Genetics of diabetes
The aim of U958 « genetics of diabetes » is to identify and characterize genes involved in
juvenile onset diabetes, with a special focus on strong genetic effects, up to monogenic. For this, we develop original approaches based on genetic studies of atypical clinical forms of diabetes as well as remarkable familial and/or population contexts, where monogenic or strong genetic effects are expected to be increased. In order to conduct these studies, we use multidisciplinary approaches (bioinformatics, statistics, molecular biology). Our study groups are principally specific populations (North Africa, Middle East), and large international populations (international consortium T1DGC, 4500 multiplex T1D families). Our studies allow to identify and characterize the genetic, clinical and biochemical aspects of new monogenic diabetes entities, providing the possibility to diagnose them and in some cases to optimize their treatment based on genetic status (personalized medicine).

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Contact : Cécile Julier