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Associated laboratories : Paris Descartes University

Laboratoire de RMN et Cristallographie Biologiques
UMR8015 CNRS/Paris Descartes

The LCRB is hosted by the faculty of Pharmacy in the center of Paris. Five teams are in this unit ; two of them use crystallography to study ribosome biogenesis (N. Leulliot) and protein membrane (I. Broutin), two use NMR to understand the role of viral peptide (S. Bouaziz) and RNA binding proteins (C. Tisné), and the fifth studies translation initiation mechanisms (B. Sargueil).

Molecular mechanisms of translation initiation

Our team focuses on molecular mechanisms governing translation initiation, we are particularly interested in the influence of RNA structure on this step of the genetic expression. Our main models are eukaryotic viruses, trying to understand how they divert the cellular translation machinery to express their own genomes. Our means of investigation are essentially molecular biology and biochemistry, but due to our environment we have access to many biophysics facilities such as crystallization automated platform, a microcalorimeter, an equipment to follow fast kinetics, and to a small compounds screening facility.
Contact : Bruno Sargueil