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S15 - Fundamental Immunology (cours Pasteur/ENS)

2023-2024 planning to come

Biology Master, ENS

Year : 1 (M1)
Semester : 1 (S1)

Course code : BIO-M1-S15-S1

Course name : Fundamental Immunology

Coordinators :

François Huetz, (CR, Institut Pasteur Paris)
Jean-Pierre Levraud, (DR, Institut Pasteur Paris)

ECTS : 6

Maximum number of students : 20

Keywords :

Adaptive and Innate immunity, lymphocyte repertoire selection, diversity generation, antibody structure and generation, T-B cell collaboration, tolerance, auto-immunity and allergy.

Course objectives and description :

The general aim of this course is to provide a general overview of Immunology for a better understanding of normal immune responses to pathogens, principles of vaccination, as well as given Immune system pathologies such as autoimmune diseases and allergy. Along theoretical lectures, practical works will be organized to introduce the basic techniques used in Immunology, such as cell culture, cytometry, molecular biology and imaging, in two different animal models : mouse and zebrafish. Experimental work, as well as most lectures, will be held at Institut Pasteur. Finally, the students will be asked to analyse a set of articles organised around a chosen theme and to present orally a synthesis.

Assessment / evaluation :

Written exam, Oral presentation of articles, and Practical work report.

Course material (hand-outs, online presentation available, …) :

Online presentations will be available.

Suggested readings in relationship with the module content (textbook chapters, reviews, articles) :

Kuby Immunology, Sixth Edition 6th Edition by Thomas J. Kindt, Barbara A. Osborne, Richard A. Goldsby
Janeway’s Immunobiology, by Kenneth Murphy
Roitt’s Essential Immunology, Includes Desktop Edition, 12th Edition by Peter J. Delves, Seamus J. Martin, Dennis R. Burton, Ivan M. Roitt