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Soft skills : what young scientists need to know

Soft skills 2023-2024

Master in Life Sciences, ENS
BIO-M1-SOFT-S1 | Soft skills : what young scientists need to know
Year and Semester : M1 | S1
Hours : 1pm - 2pm on Tuesdays


Morgane Thomas-Chollier - Andrea Dumoulin



Course objectives and description

This original course, in the form of tutorials, workshops and discussions, aims to help students gain core knowledge and skills on the general topic of research, which are often not covered in the disciplinary courses. Although not compulsory within the masters curriculum, we estimate that it is crucial that students become familiar with all the subjects covered by this course.

Sessions cover different topics :

  • regarding internships, it covers how to search for a host lab, write a CV and a cover letter, fund it, and how to prepare for the written report and oral presentation to validate the second semester
  • the organisation of academic research in France and abroad
  • career prospects after the Master and ENS
  • Ethics in the era of social networks
  • scientific edition, publishing in open acess

Sessions will be held on Tuesdays 13:00-14:00 (see exact dates in the planning). All Master 1 students are encouraged to attend these sessions.



Course material

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