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ABC-I Advanced Biology Course of fundamental Immunology

PSL Master in Life Sciences - ENS
BIO-PG-ABCI-S2|ABC-I Advanced Biology Course of fundamental Immunology
Year : 1 (M1) / 2 (M2) and PhD
Semester : 2 (S2)
Duration : 12-14 sessions of 2h30
Hours : Wednesdays 5-7:30 pm, from October to December 2023
Venue : ENS Biology Department
Maximum class size : In the limit of room availability


Hélène Moreau (Institut Curie)




Fundamental immunology | Innovative technology | Interdisciplinary approaches | Immune cells | Anti-tumor immunity | Immune responses against pathogens.

Course Prerequisites

For each session, the speaker will provide a review to read beforehand, and do a brief introduction at the beginning with what is needed to understand his/her lecture. Hence no prerequisite is required as long as the student is motivated enough by the topic to read the bibliography provided by the speaker before the session.

Course objectives and description

Aims : The aim of this Fundamental Immunology course is course is to provide a broad overview of the immunology field, from immune cell development to immune responses against tumors or pathogens, with an integrated view of immune processes at the cell, tissue, organ and organism levels. The lectures will be given by top researchers in their field, who have shined by their innovative and /or interdisciplinary approaches, such as microfluidics, imaging, or computational approaches.

Themes : Thematics will cover : immune cell development, immune cell interactions, immune cell migration, and immune cell genetics, in both physiological and pathological contexts.


• Validation for M1/M2 (with grades) : Article presentation (Maximum 12-14 students, 1 article presentation per session).
• Validation for ENS diploma / Doctoral school (without grades) : assiduity (presence to at least 80% of the sessions) + presentation of the speaker/topic (Maximum 12-14 students. If more, we may propose a validation by article presentation, depending on number of applicants).
• Possible to attend the course without validation in the limit of room availability (depending on demands, an online version of the ABC-I may be proposed)

Course material

Slides and online presentations will be made available (with agreement of the speaker of each session).

Suggested readings

• Murphy KM & Weaver C, Janeway’s Immunobiolog.
• Punt J, Stranford S, Jones P & Owen JA, Kuby Immunology.
• Male D, Brostoff J, Roth D, Roitt I, Mosby Immunology.

Reviews/articles : Each speaker will indicate 1 textbook chapter from the Janeway, and 1-2 reviews + a few articles to read ahead of his/her lecture.