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Biology 0

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Master in Life Sciences, ENS
BIO_M2 | BIO 0 | Biology
Year and Semester : M2 | S1
Where : Sorbonne Université
Duration : 20 hours
Dates : September 9-20, 2024
Maximum class size : 20 students
This course is open to external students, contact the coordinators.


Maud Tenaillon, INRAE
Ingrid Lafontaine, Sorbonne Université




Cell Biology| Developmental Biology | Meiosis | Gene Expression | Genomics | Fitness | Speciation | Population Dynamics

Course prerequisites

There are no course prerequisites

Course objectives and description

Aims : Introduction to basic concepts in biology and genetics. This course is proposed to students that have not had before classes on these topics, after examination of applications.
Themes : The course will introduce students to the basic concepts in molecular and cellular biology, such as gene expression, Mendelian genetics, and notions of reproduction and heritability between parents and offspring. Notions on genome structure and evolution, adaptation and population dynamics, and health issues will also be covered.
Organisation : There will be seven 3h lectures, as well as a 3h research seminar.


Students will be evaluated based on their attendance and active participation in the lectures and seminar.

Course material

Lecture handouts will be provided to the students.