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Individual student project in modeling and data analysis

You can refer to the EvoGem website

Master in Life Sciences, ENS
BIO_M2_E41 | PROJECT | Individual student project in modeling and data analysis
Year and Semester : M2 | S1
Where : ENS (to be confirmed)
Duration : 72 hours
Dates : Along the 1st semester. Refer to the EvoGem website
Maximum class size : 20 students
This course is not open to external students


Olivier Tenaillon
Sarah Samadi, MNHN
Stefano Mona, MNHN




Modeling | Data analysis

Course prerequisites

Students will belong to the EvoGEM promotion

Course objectives and description

Aims : To harness student’s education during EvoGEM to model and/or analyze relevant data addressing a problem which will be assigned to each student.
Themes : Any problem in evolutionary genetics that will be covered during EvoGEM courses, these can include : origin of sequence and trait variation, natural selection and adaptation, genetic drift and maintenance of diversity, phenotypic evolution, developmental evolution, evolution of sex and recombination, speciation and macroevolution.
Organisation : The organizer will introduce in the first day available projects to the students and will assign a tutor to each one. During the semester students will independently work on the project, with mandatory meetings with their tutor in weeks 42 and 47.


Students will be evaluated based a presentation of their work in the form of a research seminar for 45min, January 5-6.

Course material

Tutors will provide students with the relevant software, data and background research literature.