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ACP - Comparative Phylogenic Analysis

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Master in Life Science, ENS
BIO_M2_E45 | ACP | Comparative phylogenics
Year and Semester : M2 | S1
Where : Université Paris Cité
Duration : 60 hours
Dates : December 9-20, 2024
Maximum class size : 26 students
This course is open to external students ; contact the coordinators.


Guillaume Achaz, MNHN
Nicolas Puillandre, MNHN




Wright-Fisher models | Coalescent | Genetic drift | Recombination | Demography | Dominance | Speciation | Molecular evolution.

Course prerequisites

Students will have a basic understanding of evolutionary biology, genetics and mathematical modeling, for example by having followed EVO and MATH 1 of EvoGEM. Contact organizers for further details on prerequisites.

Course objectives and description

Aims : Students will consolidate their theoretical undestanding and applications of taxonomie, phylogenetics, and trait macroevolution.
Themes : We will discuss how to explore online databases and sequence aligners, we will talk about substitution models and how to perform phylogeneic inference. At the macroevolutionary levels we will discuss diversification models of traits, be them genetic or phenotypic, as well as how to detect selection in sequence data. We will study how to delimit species and perform comparative genomics.
Organisation : The course lasts two weeks, with two 1.5h lectures followed by two 1.5h practicals each day.


Students will be evaluated based on their attendance and participation in the lectures and practicals (30%) as well as on a written exam in December, week 50 (70%).

Course material

Lecture handouts and relevant software, research paper prints, etc. will be provided to the students.