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ABC-CN Advance Biology Course in Computational Neuroscience

PSL Master in Life Sciences - ENS

BIO-PG-ABCCN-S1|ABC-CN : Advance Biology Course in Computational Neuroscience
Year : 1 (M1) / 2 (M2) and PhD
Semester : 1 (S1)
Duration : 12 sessions, 2h30
Hours : Wednesday from 5-7:30pm, from October 4th, 2023 to December 20th, 2023 (exception : Thursday November 2 instead of Wednesday November 1)
Venue : ENS Biology Department (46 rue d’Ulm, 75005 Paris)


Jürgen Reingruber, ENS




Brain function, Clinical issues, Neurons and glial cells, Neuronal circuits, Brain rhythms, Memory and navigation, Sensory transduction, EEG analysis, Brain-machine interface, Multiscale Modelling, Data Analysis, Signal Processing, Machine learning

Course Prerequisites

The students should have a background in computational biology, engineering, physics, applied mathematics, or computer science to be able to follow the mathematical and computational elaborations. Otherwise no prerequisites are required since each speaker will provide a biological background.

Course objectives and description

The aim of this interdisciplinary course is to introduce fundamental topics and challenges in neuroscience together with related computational methods that are applied to quantitatively study the brain functioning in normal and pathological situations. The course will discuss brain function and clinical issues, auditory and visual input to the brain, coding and vision restauration in the retina, brain functioning at single neuron and network level, synaptic plasticity and neuron-glial interactions, brain-rhythm generation, large scale activities in normal and epileptic conditions, memory and spatial navigation, EEG analysis and anesthesia, brain-computer interfaces


• Validation for M1/M2 (with grades) : Article presentation or small project. Students that require a validation should contact the organizers in advance.
• Validation without grades : presence to at least 8 sessions
• It is possible to attend the course without validation and registration. However, registered students will have priority in case of overcrowding.

Course material

Slides and presentations will be made available online.

Suggested readings

A short bibliography lists for each course will be posted online that students can consult beforehand. Introductory books are Dayan and Abbott, Computational Neuroscience ; Keener and Sneyd, Mathematical Physiology ; Kandel, Schwartz and Jessel, Principles of Neuroscience.

List of Speakers

  Nathalie Kubis (Hôpital Lariboisière, Paris)
  Pascal Martin (Institut Curie, Paris)
  Jürgen Reingruber (ENS, Paris)
  Olivier Marre (Institut de la Vision, Paris)
  Thibault Lagache (Institut Pasteur, Paris)
  David Holcman (ENS, Paris)
  Boris Gutkin (ENS, Paris)
  Denis Sheynikhovich (Sorbonne University, Paris)
  Alain Destexhe (University Paris-Saclay)
  Gisella Vetere (ESPCI, Paris)
  Michel Le Van Quyen (Sorbonne University, Paris)
  Theodore Papadopoulo (INRIA Nice)