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S11 - Systems neurophysiology

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Biology Master, ENS
Year : 1 (M1)
Semester : 1 (S1)

Course code :


Course name :

Systems neurophysiology

Coordinators :

Clément LÉNA, Daniela POPA



Keywords :

Brain, Neurophysiology, Neurons, Networks

Prerequisites for the course :

BIO-M1-S10-S1 "From neurons to systems"

Course objectives and description :

This course provides an introduction to the main brain functions, and to the underlying neuronal elements, circuits and network dynamics. The course covers topics including the most elementary functions (breathing control, sleep, neurovascular control), sensory (olfaction, audition, vision, somatosensory system, pain, …) and motor functions (motor control and learning), emotions (fear, reinforcement) and cognition (internal representations, memory,...).

Assessment / evaluation :

Written evaluation on course content and analysis of publication.

Course material (hand-outs, online presentation available, …) :

Online presentations are made available

Suggested readings in relationship with the module content (textbook chapters, reviews, articles) :

 Kandel, Schwartz and Jessel : Principles of Neural Science. Publisher : McGraw-Hill Professional
 Bear, Connors and Paradiso : Neuroscience : Exploring the Brain Publisher : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
 Squire, Bloom, Spitzer, Berg, du Lac and Ghosh : Fundamental Neuroscience Publisher : Academic Press
 Purves, Augustine, Fitzpatrick and Hall : Neuroscience Publisher : Sinauer Associates