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Entrée au niveau M2

International students entering the M2 level

To apply at the M2 level, a student must have a 4-year degree (240 ECTS, M1 or 4-year Bachelor) in the Life Sciences (or in another discipline while having demonstrated their interest for the Life Sciences through optional courses and/or internships).

There is only one application track to the Master year 2 (M2) of the Interdisciplinary Master in Life Sciences (IMaLiS) for international students, whether or not they apply to the Q-Life/IMaLiS scholarship program or for the LabEx MemoLife scholarship program
This program offers competitive stipends (up to 10,000 €/year). For further information, see the Q-Life/IMaLiS page.

Admission to IMaLiS (opening January 10th, deadline March 10th, 2023) goes through the PSL platform. Candidates preselected by the program committee will be invited by e-mail to an interview by videoconference between April 14th and 18th, 2023.

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