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M1 Imalis :
 General presentation
 Teaching and originality
 Learning by research

General presentation

Courses at ENS are organised at the heart of Paris : the Biology department and historical buildings of ENS are localized in the Quartier Latin. The place is wel-known for its squared garden decorated with busts of French thinkers, researchers and scientists who have marked history.
We propose a high-level education, both theoretical and practical in Biology. Our program centers on integrated and quantitative aspects, with a learning approach of research based on research, which is a backbone of our program.
Master students arriving at M1 level prepare the PSL Master in Life Sciences, in two years. This diploma enables to further continue studies for a PhD.

Teaching and originality

The first year of the Master’s degree (M1) includes a significant portion of credit hours (ECTS) devoted to the acquisition of fundamental knowledge in life sciences, along with a choice of more specialized courses. It offers a wide range of theoretical and practical courses in areas of research excellence of the ENS and its partners :
 cellular and developmental biology,
 medical sciences,
 computational biology and bioinformatics,
 evolution and ecology.

Master 1 year starts in early September and ends at the very end of June.
A total of 60 ECTS are required to validate the year (30 for each semester).

Overview of Master 1 year

By the end of the first semester, students will have acquired a solid background and will be well prepared for their research internship.

Learning by research

At the second semester, students go for a long internship in a research laboratory. This internship is validated by a written report and oral presentation.


Upon arrival at the Biology department, each student is matched with a tutor who will help him/her during the whole studies. Tutors are members of the faculty or researchers, and are involved in the courses choice, internship choice and guidance towards student objectives.

Master year 1 coordinator : Gersende Lepère
Contact : secfib-M1

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