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Entrée au niveau M1

International students entering the M1 level

To apply at the M1 level, a student must have a 3-year degree (180 ECTS, L3 or 3-year Bachelor) in the Life Sciences (or in another discipline while having demonstrated their interest for the Life Sciences through optional courses and/or internships).

There are two application tracks for international students to enter the Master 1 year (M1) of the Interdisciplinary Master in Life Sciences (IMaLiS). Both allow students to apply for competitive scholarships :

 Admission to IMaLiS offers competitive stipends (up to 10,000 €/year).
For further information, see the Q-Life/IMaLiS scholarship programme.
Application goes through the PSL application platform ; there is only one application track whether or not the students apply for the scholarship as well.
Candidates preselected by the program committee are invited to an interview (and additional exams for scholarship applicants), with additional interviews for candidates to scholarships.

 The International selection of the ENS offers attractive 3-year fellowships. See the Web page for eligibility and application.
Please note that applications are very early in the year (usually in September-October).

Please also check the FAQ.